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Current Status


  • Enlarge cable passage at the back of cabinet 2
  • Connect 7.0/7.1 speakers
  • Build 2 U mains switch
  • Install proper grounding for all devices
  • Buy 8x4 Digital Audio (S/PDIF Coax) switch module for modular matrix switch
  • Build USB keyboard scancode injector
  • Build Infrared over wire remote control
  • Build PS/2 to Serial Mouse adapter
  • Build Game Port to USB adapter

Already working

  • Buy modular matrix switch or switches consisting of:
    • 16x16 Analog Audio switch
    • 8x4 USB switch
  • Reverse engineer EDID emulator to make it switchable by a Raspberry Pi via RS-232 (deprecated)
  • Remote controlled mains switching
  • Have KVM connections to all possibly installed computers
  • Switching KVM switches to all possibly installed computers
  • Switching video to all connected consoles
  • Inject USB keyboard scancodes manually
  • LED lights for all racks
  • Control all PDU outlets manually
  • Convert XT to AT keyboard protocol
  • Simple scripted automation
Last updated on 6 Aug 2021
Published on 24 Apr 2020
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